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OnePlus 8 release on April 14

Like other smartphone manufacturers including Huawei, the popular smartphone brand OnePlus is going to unlock new smartphones online. In a short tweet on the Chinese company’s Twitter page yesterday, they announced the release of the OnePlus 8 series smartphone online. The 5G smartphone, which is displayed at 120 Hz, will be displayed online on April […]

Vivo extended a one-month warranty

Vivo extended warranty

Global multinational mobile manufacturer Vivo has announced an increase in smartphone warranty in the event of a coronavirus infection. The duke, who has completed the warranty on his mobile until March 25, has extended the warranty facility till May 31, said Duke, managing director of Vivo. Also, service is available on Vivo’s hotline. Also, subscribers […]

Only 17 percents use smartphone in Bangladesh

Analysts see the lack of smartphone usage as the main obstacle to the Corona virus. They say the virus cannot be detected because of the lack of app-based data collection. The Sri Lankan-based IT Information Technology Institute, the international research and consulting firm, Published a report on Saturday. The report also mentions that millions of […]

Realme is coming to Bangladesh Officially

Popular smartphone brand Realme has been operating worldwide since May 2018. The brand will also launch its operations in the country’s market. Realme has already brought a number of products to the market to give young smartphone lovers a more exciting experience than they expected in the ‘Dare to Leap’ tagline. The fast-growing smartphone brand […]

Foldable iPhone will come in the future

Apple has finally shown interest in the foldable smartphone. The company has patented a special Hinge Mechanism to create a foldable iPhone. Which will reduce the stains from the folds on the display. After folding, you’ll be able to reduce the blank. Above all, it will improve the folding experience. This folding method is believed […]

More than 16 crore Mobile users in Bangladesh

In the past year, the country has added 8 million new mobile subscribers. The number of mobile phone users in Bangladesh has now reached over 16 crores. The Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Agency (BTRC) recently published this information on its website. BTRC has released the total number of users on the website by December 2019. According […]

Samsung S20: future phone with killer specs

Samsung Galaxy S20 with 100X zoom with 108 megapixel cameras with a pair of cameras and features? Samsung is bringing about a major change in the Galaxy phone line. 108 megapixel camera, 120 megahertz display, 5G connectivity, Exynos chipset, and snapdragon 865 processor faster than ever can be added to the new Galaxy S20 phone. […]