Only 17 percents use smartphone in Bangladesh

Analysts see the lack of smartphone usage as the main obstacle to the Corona virus. They say the virus cannot be detected because of the lack of app-based data collection. The Sri Lankan-based IT Information Technology Institute, the international research and consulting firm, Published a report on Saturday. The report also mentions that millions of developing Asians, including Bangladesh, are deprived of this easy life-saving system today. The report also features a picture of mobile phone usage in the region.

The report was prepared by The World Bank, which has been working on the use of mobile phones by 15-65 year olds from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Nepal. The survey has been taken by 2020 people from Bangladesh. According to reports, Bangladesh is the second most backward in smartphone use. Here, 17 percent of people use smartphones. Also, 27 percent of people use feature phones and 29 percent use barphones. And 27 percent don’t have a phone.

According to the image, Sri Lanka is the leading country in mobile painting. Nepal and Sri Lanka are equally equal in using smartphones. In both countries, the average smartphone is in hand with 37 percent of the people. However, the rate of people without mobile phones in Nepal is one percent higher than in Bangladesh.