Realme is coming to Bangladesh Officially

Popular smartphone brand Realme has been operating worldwide since May 2018. The brand will also launch its operations in the country’s market. Realme has already brought a number of products to the market to give young smartphone lovers a more exciting experience than they expected in the ‘Dare to Leap’ tagline. The fast-growing smartphone brand has topped the global smartphone sales market in the last two years. In 2019, the world smartphone market entered 22 countries and gradually became recognized as the top 5 mobiles in the world by gradually removing the entire global trade strategy.

The global Realme user has crossed 25 million, which is growing 500 times every year. Realme is bringing a technology-based lifestyle to young people through high-quality products. Modern technology is significant to the use of all price ranges of the brand. That’s why Realme won more than 60 world-famous awards. The Realme X2 Pro device is the best of Android 2019 in the Android Authority’s annual mobile phone survey. GSMArena Realmi X2 Pro is recognized as ‘Best Smartphone of 2019: No. 1 Flagship Killer’.

Realme was in a great position in the Indian market when it reached 26.5% in the third quarter of 2019. Which makes the company the second-largest online share in the Indian market and the fourth top smartphone brand in India, considering overall market share. As a result, Realme has gained the distinction of being a popular technology brand among India’s youth.

Realme will focus on 5G and AIOT technology. Users can enjoy the 5G in the game, especially in the game. Realme Brand’s smartphones will be connected to the top four smart hubs (smart screen, smartwatch, smart speaker and smart earphones) through the Realme Link app. Which will help create the Uni Smart AIOT ecosystem by remotely controlling various smart products? The remarkable 2019 achievement has inspired Realme to move forward more strongly in the future.

Facing the development of 5G technology in 2020, Realme’s smartphone will be a continuous effort to use advanced technology and enhance IOT’s plans with a 5G goal, as well as create a better tech-life for the younger generation. Realme has officially entered the 5G era by unlocking the X50 5G smartphone in the market. The company plans to launch 5G products at a different price in the future.

The company wants to work on creating a 5G ecosystem by making 5G popular worldwide. The brand is also working with the goal of making 5G available to young people around the world. Realme will usher in a new era in the mobile market in Bangladesh with a combination of fast-paced, strong performance trend products and 5G and AIOT strategic products.