Samsung S20: future phone with killer specs

Samsung Galaxy S20 with 100X zoom with 108 megapixel cameras with a pair of cameras and features? Samsung is bringing about a major change in the Galaxy phone line. 108 megapixel camera, 120 megahertz display, 5G connectivity, Exynos chipset, and snapdragon 865 processor faster than ever can be added to the new Galaxy S20 phone.

The Galaxy S20 can be behind the special camera zone with five cameras. The phone can include new feature mode directors view, single tech photos and night hyper-lapse with 8K video features. According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S20 will be used by the ISOCELL Bright HMX and will allow the camera to take 12032 x 9024 pixels and 42 MB of images. Its video sensor will support super face detection so that autofocus can be done in a short period time.

For graphics ranking, Snapdragon 865 will be 20% faster than the previous Snapdragon and 35% more power-intensive. The Galaxy S20 will have the latest version of the LPDDR5 smartphone memory which will be 30% faster and 30% more efficient than ever. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 can be added to an additional sensor known as spectrometer.

This sensor can analyze the chemical makeup of an object. This feature is used to measure the body’s fluidity and skin and to perform health analysis. Also, the drug used in this feature is genuine or fake, or how much sugar is in the result. In addition, this feature can be used for various useful purposes. It’s quite natural that the latest feature-rich Samsung Galaxy S20 will have a battery that is stronger than the previous version.

The Galaxy S20 can have 4000 mah battery and s20 Plus or Ultra can have 5000 mah battery. And if this is true, the most powerful flagship phones available in the market. All the speculations will end on February 11 (Bangladesh Time: 1pm On January 12th) at the opening ceremony of the phone call in San Francisco, USA.