Tech Giants in the “Corona” war

Many companies, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, Tiktok, WeChat and Baidu have extended their support to China in the event of the disaster. Facebook, on the other hand, advised employees to stay at home, besides warning them about their trip to China. Tech giant Huawei is setting up 5G base stations in local hospitals to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in Wuhan city. Huawei is setting up the network within six days of the Wuhan Mountain Hospital, Volcan Mountain Hospital after the HDC Cloud 2020 developer announced the suspension of the conferencing. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has provided N95 masks, medical masks, and thermometers in Wuhan, China for $43,000. E-commerce giant Meizu has also extended its support. The smartphone manufacturer has given a grant of $43,000 to Wuhan. Chinese e-commerce site has announced a hike in prices of Sunning and Taobao masks and pesticides. They are announcing they supply 1 million masks and 60,000 medical products.